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Subject Topic: The Buy, Sell, Trade & Ship Guide Post ReplyPost New Topic
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Donna Austin

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Posted: 29/Nov/2006 at 1:22pm | IP Logged Quote Donna Austin

Welcome to B/S/T, here you may post your item(s) up for sale, trade and post in threads for item(s) you may want to buy.

I'll start off with a few tips, general information and guide lines to follow when you do any.

Buying item(s) the correct way:

When you want to purchase something from another user, make sure you tell them, either post in the thread, PM them or even message them if they have a messenger. Check their feedback page if they have one, determine if you have the money and really want to purchase their goods.  Be mature and polite at all times, even if they do not sell to you. Get to know your seller personally, talk to them, ask questions about the item(s), ask for multi pictures with proof that the user has the said item(s).  How they can give proof is to write there user name and possibly the date on paper and put it next to the item(s) when the picture is being taken.  Once the item(s) are paid for keep tabs on the seller, ask more questions i.e "When did you mail my package?" "How did you mail my package?" When should I expect my package?" and so forth.

  • Quick Keys:

    Make sure the seller knows you want the item(s)
    Make sure you have the money and determine you really want their item(s)
    Get to know your seller, ask questions, keep tabs, check their feedback
    Ask for multiple pictures with proof that the seller has the item(s)
    Once you've paid for the item(s) keep check on things, don't let them lag on
    If you've received your item(s) and they were not want you wanting talk to the seller, don't go off on rants&raves they may refund/replace or send you another good to make up for the other one


Selling item(s) the correct way:

When you want to sell your item(s) get all of your information together, i.e " Upgrades, defects, flaws, colors, and sizes".  Try and describe your item(s) as prefect as possible, if you fail to do this it could end in a sour deal and wreck havoc on both users.  Once you have your information, take pictures, alot of pictures.  If your item(s) have defects take a picture of that defect and show the users!  Once you have your pictures move on to creating your thread in the appropriate sub forum i.e "If you have a pile of gear, some clothing a tank and a few barrels, the clothing would need a thread of its own in (Other Gear), the tank and barrels same".  Try your best to keep your thread clean, give a history on the item(s), but don't go over board.  Host your pictures and copy N' paste the URL link into the thread.  I like to use Once you have you're thread laid out, picture links posted, brief history said move onto leaving your contact information, state how you will ship if you do, state if they pay shipping or not, state what form of payment you accept and etc.

When a user asks you questions answer them nicely, even if they are going psychic on the questions, be mature and answer them. If a user asks for pictures try your best to supply them. Once you have a buyer start laying out the when, where, how, and how much.  This is the final step in selling your item(s), If you ship then figure out the postage and which way you are sending the item(s).  I like to use

  • Quick Keys:

    Gather your information on your item(s)
    List all and every defect or flaw, also list the good
    Supply pictures of your item(s) and show pictures of the defects
    Post the pictures in the thread, you will loose buyers if they have to ask for pictures
    Lay out your thread, keep it clean, list a brief history on your item(s)
    List your information i.e "AIM, MSN or YAHOO messenger S/N's"
    List if you ship or not, if you do then list how you do, also list what forms of payment you accept.


Trading item(s) the correct way:

When you want to trade your item(s) with another user, start off with the buying tips, then once you proceed to actually trading decide if you trust this user.  Get all of the information they will supply you with. i.e "Address, full name, phone numbers, email address, messengers S/N's, paypal address if they have it"
Once you have theirs supply yours, talk to this person on the phone, ask questions.  Once you have done this see if they will ship first or same time.  If they say ok to shipping first then great, once you receive it make sure it meets your expectation, if it does not contact the user and say so, see where they take it.  If they say ok to same time shipping then try and get them to send 2 day mail with deliver confirmation, and you do so also, do not be cheap and get the 7 day parcel with no tracking.  If you do this the other user can receive your trade and say they did not, but you can't check and see for your self, the delivery confirmation lets you know when it was delivered.  Keep tabs all the time when you have sent out or when they have.  If you do same time and one or the other is dissatisfied try and work it out on your own, like I said don't go rant&rave when you can settle it maturely.

  • Quick Keys:

    Start off with the buying tips
    Decide if you trust this other user your trading with, talk with them, read their feedback
    Get all the information they will supply you with, go all out on this one don't skimp
    Talk with them on the phone, ask questions, talk with their parents if they let you
    Try to get them to ship first, if not then do same time shipping.
    When shipping ask them to get 2 day mail with delivery confirmation, you do this also
    Once item(s) are shipped keep tabs on it, keep up with your trader
    If the trade does not meet your expectation then try and settle it maturely


Shipping item(s) the correct way:

When you start shipping your items, first start off with picking a carrier, this is purely your opinion, to me no carrier is the best you have to decide.  You can choose from,,, and I like to use USPS because to me it's the easiest to ship by and cost alot less then those other carriers.  Once you've picked your carrier start by getting everything together that your shipping. i.e "Get a box, envelope, mailer bag, your item(s), tape to seal the packing etc." After this start by packing up your item(s), use anything you can to ensure the item(s) are safe when a federal employee tosses that thing 10ft over a wall to another federal employee to catch, I'll just say some times they do not catch it!!!!!!.  Use a old newspaper, packing peanuts, paper towels, cardboard, bubble wrap just whatever.  After it's snug start sealing the package up, tape up the bottom, top, both sides on the top and both sides on the bottom, this way it's completely sealed off, this is a plus so no tampering can be done let alone moister.  After your package is sealed your almost ready to go.  Next start by addressing the package, print clearly! If you do not know how to address a package please visit here: A Customer’s Guide to Mailing. After this  go to your local carrier and pay the postage and your done! But I have more detailed tips.

Tips for preparing your package(s):

When sending a package, there are several easy steps that make your package more secure and easier to ship. Choose a box with enough room for cushioning material around the contents. If you are reusing a box, cover all previous labels and markings with heavy black marker or adhesive labels. Place the cushioning all around your items. Close and shake the box to see whether you have enough cushioning. Add more newspaper, styrofoam, bubble wrap if you hear items shifting. Tape the opening of your box and reinforce all seams with 2” wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape or paper tape. Do not use cord, string or twine because they get caught in mail processing equipment. Using a complete and correct address is critical for efficient delivery. Use ZIP Code + 4 when possible. Locate a correct address for accurate mailing. Packages may be handed to your carrier or taken to the Post Office. Packages may also be dropped into a blue collection box with the following restrictions:

  • Quick Keys:

    Choose your carrier, once you have prepare you item(s) to be shipped
    Get your item(s) ready and together, place them in your box, envelope etc
    If you are reusing packaging make sure you mark through all old markings
    Use cushion to ensure that your item(s) are safe and secure
    Seal your package, use enough tape to ensure the package is properly sealed
    Address your package, and print clearly!
    Take them too your chosen carrier and pay the postage, try and always get some form of tracking!

I hope this helped some of you.  If I forgot something please let me know, also if you need any help with anything I've just stated feel free to PM me about it.
Thank you,

PBC Sports Park Charlotte Employee

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Posted: 03/Dec/2006 at 11:47am | IP Logged Quote p8ntbllr234

Strike one....bud

Edited by Donna Austin on 03/Dec/2006 at 12:19pm
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Posted: 31/Jul/2007 at 2:34pm | IP Logged Quote sloan


selling spyder E-99 great condition email me at for info
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Posted: 08/Mar/2008 at 12:18am | IP Logged Quote jperry1618

If somebody wants to ship over seas, and they will send a money order or US check, they are probly scamming you and the check will bounce so be very careful you don't play into these people.

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